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Blendrunner, based in Slovakia, is the result of three years' worth of continuous work and updating. Originally established by two enthusiasts Juraj and Pavol in 2015, Blendrunner became the go-to online comparison tool for nutritionally complete foods.

Juraj and Pavol became interested in nutritionally complete foods in 2014. They even endeavoured to create their own brand – Synectar. It never saw the light of commercial production, however experimenting with the different compounds, making up the final meal, gave them a unique insight into the production process.

As power users they longed for an easy to use yet as informative as possible tool to compare the different products in an aggressively growing market. Blendrunner was the answer – move beyond the marketing texts into the data, nutritional values, calories per meal and costs per calorie. Compare in a way that is intelligible and reliable.

Currently Blendrunner is on its 3rd iteration, with version 3.0 released in early November 2018. Coming from the first version in 2015 the features have changed significantly. So did the database of producers, with some ending their sales, while plenty of new companies made a name for themselves.

With growing need for prompt and meaningful communication both with our users and producers our team lacked a person focused just on that. Thus, Roman joined the Blendrunner team, focusing on PR and marketing.

If you have any concerns, questions or ideas for improving Blendrunner, please go ahead and write to us at contact@blendrunner.com




Blendrunner is an online comparison tool for nutritionally complete foods. Compare all the essential information about the most popular nutritionally complete foods, side by side.

Operated by three enthusiasts from Slovakia, Blendrunner is the go-to tool for hundreds of relevant users mostly coming from North America and Europe.

Blendrunner team


Makes sure the database is up to speed with the everchanging market.


The man behind the website, main coder and maintainer of Blendrunner.