Product Updates (May 2020)

Product Updates (February 2020)

Product Updates (January 2020)

Product Updates (December 2019)

Product Updates (November 2019)

Product Updates (October 2019)

Product Updates (September 2019)

Product Updates (August 2019)

Product Updates (June 2019)

Product Updates (May 2019)

Product Updates (April 2019)

Product Updates (March 2019)

  • Updated Biolent nutrition URLs
  • Updated Powder Matter nutrition URLs and corrected Vegan nutrition
  • Updated MOJO products
  • Delisted GrubSub (website unresponsive, socials dead)
  • Delisted Paca (website unresponsive, socials dead)
  • Delisted PrimalKind products (closed permanently)
  • Updated Huel products
  • Added Huel v1.1 (i.e. the US version)
  • Updated Benja nutrition URL
  • Updated Feed. bar flavours and URLs
  • Updated Futricio ONE
  • Delisted Futricio ONE Vegan - disappeared from their website
  • Updated Ambronite
  • Updated Nutberg price and picture
  • Updated Mana Drink price
  • Updated Next Level Meal flavours
  • Added Vite Ramen
  • Delisted Lently Vegan (not available on their website)

Product Updates (February 2019)

Product Updates (January 2019)

Product Updates (December 2018)

  • Added Plenny Drink
  • Added KÜiK
  • Added Kegenix Keto Meal
  • Added Sustenance and Sustenance Low Carb
  • Updated Mana Drink - added new flavours
  • Corrected Plenny Shake nutritional values
  • Corrected Plenny Shake price ranges, taking the higher prices in the US shop into account
  • Updated allergens and tags for Functional Formularies' products
  • Updated Queal READY price and flavours
  • Updated Huel flavours and notes

Product Updates (November 2018)

  • Added Feed. spread
  • Added Queal READY 1.0
  • Added Huel Ready-to-drink
  • Updated Feed. prices
  • Updated Hol Food
  • Updated Ultim shipping
  • Updated KetoChow
  • Updated Satislent
  • Updated Smeal
  • Updated Plenny Shake Sport to Plenny Shake Active; updated all other Jimmy Joy products
  • Updated Keto Fuel carbs
  • Updated Soylent prices and flavours
  • Updated Satislent flavours
  • Updated Trinkkost products, added Trinkkost Slim Vegan
  • Updated Mana products
  • Updated Bivo
  • Delisted Your PopUp Meal (production suspended indefinitely)
  • Delisted BentoBlend (website unresponsive/redirecting)

Product Updates (October 2018)

  • Added COMP POWDER v4.0, DRINK v1.1 and GUMMY v1.3
  • Added Tudo
  • Added Happy Ratio
  • Added BASE PASTA
  • Added Labnosh Food Shake and Bar
  • Added SmartFood
  • Added Komplete by Kate Farms
  • Added Nanax and Nanax Munay
  • Added One Square Meal
  • Added MOJO Classic and Vegan
  • Added KetoLogic Meal Replacement
  • Added Raw Organic Meal by Garden of Life
  • Added Ultim
  • Added Liquid Hope and Nourish by Functional Formularies
  • Added Athlete Shake by VitalHouse
  • Added Purition Original, Dairy Free and Hemp
  • Added Benja (previously Vexx)
  • Added Nu Pods Meal Replacement
  • Updated Soylent, adding Soylent Power Cafe
  • Updated Plenny Shake flavours, delisted Plenny Shake Vegan ("regular" Plenny Shake is now vegan)
  • Updated Mana
  • Updated Saturo, added Saturo Bar and Powder
  • Updated Ambronite
  • Updated Keto Chow to version 2.1
  • Updated all Queal products to version 5.0
  • Updated KetoOne
  • Updated Aussielent products, added Aussielent Lite, Aussielent Vegan and Aussielent RTD Low Carb, delisted Aussielent Body
  • Updated Sated, merged Sucralose and Natural versions
  • Updated Futricio ONE
  • Updated Jake shipping, flavours, Vitaminbar
  • Updated Bertrand Classic, Vegan and Active
  • Updated Huel and Huel Bar, added Huel Granola and coffee versions
  • Updated Nano, added Nano Coffee Boost
  • Updated Hol Food
  • Updated Pulve to version 2.5
  • Updated Lently to version 2.0, added Lently Vegan 2.0 and Lently WakeUp 2.0
  • Updated Ruffood to v2.7, added Ruffood RTD v3.1
  • Updated OZ Soylent shipping
  • Updated Tsogo Classic, added Tsogo Complete and Tsogo Fit
  • Updated Nutberg
  • Updated Trinkkost Complete, Slim and Active
  • Updated PrimalKind for Him and Her
  • Updated Anapur
  • Updated Chia Shake (and renamed to Chia Shake Milk); added Chia Shake Vegan and Chia Shake Diet
  • Updated Ample, Ample V, Ample K
  • Updated Satislent, Satislent Sport, SatisUP and added Satislent Compact
  • Updated KetoGenesis products, added GlycoGenesis Standard, Premium and Vegan
  • Merged Vitaline Daily Pouch and Bottle to Vitaline Daily
  • Updated Smeal
  • Updated Feed. products
  • Updated Lembas
  • Updated Grubsub
  • Updated MyProtein WholeFuel and VLCD Meal Replacement and Meal Replacement Bars
  • Updated myDaily
  • Updated Bivo
  • Updated BentoBlend
  • Updated Next Level Meal
  • Updated Shake2Day Regular, Light, Sportshake and Break
  • Updated MEALS to v3.1, added MEALS DRINK
  • Updated Your PopUp Meal
  • Updated Actualize Keto Meal to v3
  • Updated YFood and YFood Coffee
  • Updated Vitaminfood
  • Updated VSanté
  • Updated Paca
  • Updated Powder Matter Meal Shake
  • Updated Solo
  • Renamed Mī Mix to Parachute
  • Delisted Kuasa products (website says "We're closed for the time being")
  • Delisted Cocolaid products (End of business? Webite unresponsive)
  • Delisted WundrBar (replaced by Queal GO)
  • Delisted Veetal (End of business? Website unresponsive)
  • Delisted Nutrilent (End of business? Website unresponsive)
  • Delisted Bloom (End of business? Website unresponsive)

Version 3 (October 2018)

  • Price per 100, 500 and 2000 kcal
  • Normalisation of macronutrients to 2000 kcal
  • Fibre is now always included in total carbs - for better comparison
  • Shipping - detailed information (replacing previous US/CAN/EU)
  • New field: sugar
  • New filter: country of origin
  • New field and filter: tags (Vegetarian, Vegan, Keto, Caffeinated, Sport, GMO-free, No artificial flavours, No artificial sweeteners, No artificial colours, Organic)
  • New field: nutrition URL
  • New field: last update - indicating the freshness of data
  • New field: note - more information on product
  • New field: packages - in what types of packages is the product available for ordering.
  • New field: serving extras - now indicating only ingredients which are not included in the packaging
  • New currencies: KRW, INR, RUB, PEN, NZD, JPY
  • Optimised code and images

Product Updates (August 2018)

  • Updated Feed. products, adding Feed. bottle BIO, Feed. bar BIO, Feed, powder SPORT, Feed. ready-to-drink
  • Updated Trinkkost Complete, added Trinkkost Active and Trinkkost Slim
  • Updated Plenny Shake products
  • Updated Satislent URLs
  • Removed Vexx (end of business)
  • Added Mī Mix
  • Updated Super Body Fuel products
  • Updated Sated to v1.1 (formerly Ketolent), added naturally sweetend Sated v1.0
  • Updated Ample, Ample V (formerly Ample X, vegan), added Ample K (keto)
  • Updated Soylent Powder to v1.9, removed Soylent Bar (not available)
  • Updated MealSquares URL and price
  • Removed ShakeFood (end of business?)

Product Updates (July 2018)

Product Updates (June 2018)

  • Added Powder Matter
  • Updated Soylent flavours and prices
  • Updated Mana powder to version Mark 5 and Mana drink to version Mark 4
  • Removed Purelent (end of business)
  • Updated Vitaline Daily
  • Updated Super Body Fuel product prices
  • Added VLCD Meal Replacement by Myprotein
  • Added Solo

Product Updates & Enhancements (May 2018)

  • Updates Paca
  • Updated KetoGenesis URLs
  • Updated Satislent, added SatisUP caffeine and Satislent Sport
  • Removed Minute Macros products (end of business)
  • Removed Mosaic Nutrition product (seems to be dead)
  • Updated Keto Fuel
  • Updated Plenny Shake servings
  • Enhancements:
    • Adjusted tooltips for rows

Product Updates (April 2018)

Product Updates (March 2018)

  • Added Queal Vegan
  • Updated Saturo flavours (Vanilla, Strawberry)
  • Updated Mana to version Mark 4
  • Updated Ruffood to version v2.5
  • Updated Bivo to version v2.0

Product Updates (February 2018)

  • Updated Huel to v2.3, Huel Gluten Free to v2.3, added Huel Bars v2.0
  • Updated Bloom (1.1)
  • Updated Queal products, removed Quel Plus (discontinued), added Quel GO
  • Updated Vitaline Pouch and added Vitaline Bottle
  • Updated Futricio ONE and added Futricion ONE Vegan
  • Added Meal Replacement Bars by Myprotein
  • Added Vitaminfood
  • Removed Fooch (Kickstarter cancelled)
  • Removed 100%FOOD products (end of business)

Product Updates (October 2017)

  • Updated Feed. flavours
  • Updated Nutberg shipping info
  • Added Actualize Keto Meal
  • Added YFood Original
  • Updated WundrBar price and shipping prices
  • Updated Super Body Fuel products' shipping prices
  • Zoylent rebranded to Lembas

Product Updates (September 2017)

  • Added MEALS
  • Added PopUp Meal
  • Updated Plenny Shake Vegan and Twennybar flavours
  • Updated Minute Macros products

Product Updates (August 2017)

  • Updated Super Body Fuel products' details (nutrition info, shipping prices...)
  • Fixed Shake2Day Sport's allergen info
  • Added Bloom
  • Added Minute Macros products - Nutritionally Complete (Skylent, Keto, Low Carb, Mass Gainer, Performance)
  • Removed Sani (closing down)

Product Updates & Enhancements (July 2017)

  • Updated Purelent
  • Added Jake Vitaminbar
  • Removed StonerShake
  • Added Lently
  • Updated Queal WundrBar
  • Added Runtime Next Level Meal
  • Changed Coffiest to Soylent Cafe
  • Removed Sipreme
  • Added Shake2Day products - Light, Regular and Sport
  • Updated JimmyJoy shipping costs
  • Enhancements:
    • Alphabetical sorting by producer name
    • Alphabetical sorting by country of origin
    • Possibility to move within the table with arrow keys (left & right)
    • Added country name to origin row
    • Note/Disclaimer about prices being converted from base currency with current exchange rate

Product Updates (June 2017)

  • Updated Saturo
  • Added BentoBlend
  • Updated Ruffood to v2.3
  • Disabled Body Fuel Low Carb
  • Updated Ambronite
  • Added KetoGenesis Hypoallergenic and updated KetoGenesis links
  • Updated Tsogo shipping
  • Updated Whole Fuel shipping
  • Updated Feed. products

Product Updates (May 2017)

  • Disabled United Shakes (closed down)
  • Disabled Potion (closed down)
  • Updated Ample and added Ample X
  • Added FOOCH

Product Updates (April 2017)

  • Added Saturo
  • Added Bivo
  • Updated Jimmy Joy links
  • Updated Biolent to version 1.4
  • Added Shakefood, version 1.1
  • Updated Aussielent links
  • Updated Soylent Powder to version 1.8

Product Updates (March 2017)

  • Re-added Ketolent
  • Added Whole Fuel by Myprotein
  • Added myDaily
  • Updated Joylent products to reflect the change of their name to Jimmy Joy and Plenny Shake
  • Updated Feed. flavours

Product Updates (February 2017)

  • Updated 100% Food products

Product Updates (January 2017)

  • Added Zoylent
  • Removed iLent (closing down?)
  • Fixed KetoGenesis Vegan URL
  • Added Biolent Keto
  • Updated Super Mana to Mana [Mark 3] (drink)
  • Updated Mana [Mark 3] (powder) product image
  • Updated WundrBar flavours
  • Added GrubSub
  • Updated Soylent 1.6 to Soylent Powder (1.7)
  • Renamed Soylent 2.0 to Soylent Drink (2.0)
  • Renamed Rosa Labs to Rosa Foods, Inc.
  • Update Feed pictures
  • Fixed Chia Shake picture
  • Updated Vitaline info

Product Updates (December 2016)

  • Fixed PrimalKind product URLs
  • Added Feed products (Ready-to-drink, Ready-to-use, Ready-to-eat, Powder)
  • Updated Pulve to 2.0
  • Fixed Futricio product URLs
  • Updated Super Body Fuel allergens
  • Updated Queal pictures and product URLs

Fixes & Enhancements (November 2016)

  • Added alphabetical sorting
  • Fixed sorting by price

Product Updates & Enhancements (October 2016)

  • Added filtering by state
  • Updated Vitaline
  • Updated Joylent US shipping
  • Updated KetoSoy name to KetoOne
  • Added Smeal

Product Updates (September 2016)

  • Updated Tsogo price
  • Updated Twennybar shipping
  • Added Satislent
  • Updated 100%FOOD shipping
  • Updated PrimalKind international shipping
  • Added Sipreme
  • Added KetoGenesis Standard, Premium and Vegan
  • Added Vitaline
  • Added Soylent Bar and Coffiest

Bugfixes & Product Updates (August 2016)

  • Fixed switched Proteins and Fats in mobile view
  • Updated 100%FOOD prices and shipping
  • Added Ample Meal
  • Added Potion
  • Updated prices for Joylent Sport and Joylent Vegan

Product Updates (July 2016)

  • Updated Jake products
  • Disabled Compleat (closing down)
  • Added Cocolaid products and Chia Shake
  • Updated Soylent to version 1.6
  • Updated PrimalKind to version 1.2
  • Updated Aussielent, added Aussielent Body and Aussielent Ready to Drink
  • Added Feed.
  • Added WundrBar

Product Updates (June 2016)

  • Updated Mana to version Mark 3
  • Updated iLent allergen list
  • Updated Kuasa shipping
  • Added PrimalKind products
  • Added Huel Gluten Free
  • Disabled HungerHack (closing down)
  • Updated StonerShake to version 1.1
  • Added Anapur

Product Updates (May 2016)

  • Updated Nutberg
  • Added Bertrand Active
  • Added Ka'Chava and removed it as per their wish
  • Added Trinkkost
  • Updated Veetal allergen list
  • Added Joylent Twennybar

Product Updates (April 2016)

  • Added Vex
  • Added iLent
  • Updated MealSquares
  • Updated Super Body Fuel products
  • Added Kuasa
  • Updated Queal
  • Updated Biolent

Product Updates (March 2016)

  • Updated Sani
  • Updated Super Body Fuel products
  • Added Nutberg
  • Updated SoylentLife to Futricio

Product Updates (February 2016)

  • Updated StonerShake
  • Added Tsogo

Product Updates (January 2016)

  • Updated Bertrand Vegan
  • Disabled Powder Chow (closing down)
  • Updated Super Body Fuel products
  • Added Oz Soylent

Product Updates (December 2015)

  • Added United Shakes products
  • Updated Bertrand, added Bertrand Vegan
  • Updated Joylent products, added Joylent Wake Up
  • Updated Nano, adding Nano Veggie hot meal
  • Updated Huel
  • Updated Super Body Fuel products
  • Updated MealSquares

Product Updates (November 2015)

  • Updated Sani
  • Updated SoylentLife
  • Disabled Jackalent (temporarily out of business)
  • Updated Huel
  • Updated PowderChow, adding PowderChow Keto
  • Added Mosaic Nutrition products (Body Fuel Original, Body Fuel Low Carb)
  • Disabled 1food (closing down)
  • Added Ruffood

Product Updates (October 2015)

  • Added Pulve
  • Added Compleat
  • Added StonerShake
  • Updated Super Body Fuel products
  • Added Joylent Vegan

Product Updates (September 2015)

  • Updated Soylent 1.5
  • Updated Bertrand
  • Added Hunger Hack

Product Updates (August 2015)

  • Updated Soylent
  • Updated Bertrand
  • Updated PeopleChow
  • Added SuperMana, updated Mana
  • Updated Queal
  • Updated KetoChow
  • Moved liquid products up front
  • Updated Hol Food
  • Updated Aussie Soylent -> Aussielent
  • Updated Super Body Fuel products
  • Disabling Solvio
  • Added Biolent Flex and Biolent Green
  • Added Sani
  • Added Nano

Version 2 (August 2015)

  • Filters
    • Macros - carbs, protein, fats
    • Energy
    • Shipping
    • Fibre
    • Flavours
    • Allergens
  • Responsive CSS for mobile and tablet screens
  • "State" row - physical form of product - powder, solid, liquid
  • Changelog and Roadmap pages

Version 1 (February 2015)

  • Everything