Product Updates (October 2019)

Product Updates (September 2019)

Product Updates (August 2019)

Product Updates (June 2019)

Product Updates (May 2019)

Product Updates (April 2019)

Product Updates (March 2019)

  • Updated Biolent nutrition URLs
  • Updated Powder Matter nutrition URLs and corrected Vegan nutrition
  • Updated MOJO products
  • Delisted GrubSub (website unresponsive, socials dead)
  • Delisted Paca (website unresponsive, socials dead)
  • Delisted PrimalKind products (closed permanently)
  • Updated Huel products
  • Added Huel v1.1 (i.e. the US version)
  • Updated Benja nutrition URL
  • Updated Feed. bar flavours and URLs
  • Updated Futricio ONE
  • Delisted Futricio ONE Vegan - disappeared from their website
  • Updated Ambronite
  • Updated Nutberg price and picture
  • Updated Mana Drink price
  • Updated Next Level Meal flavours
  • Added Vite Ramen
  • Delisted Lently Vegan (not available on their website)

Product Updates (February 2019)

Product Updates (January 2019)

Product Updates (December 2018)

  • Added Plenny Drink
  • Added KÜiK
  • Added Kegenix Keto Meal
  • Added Sustenance and Sustenance Low Carb
  • Updated Mana Drink - added new flavours
  • Corrected Plenny Shake nutritional values
  • Corrected Plenny Shake price ranges, taking the higher prices in the US shop into account
  • Updated allergens and tags for Functional Formularies' products
  • Updated Queal READY price and flavours
  • Updated Huel flavours and notes

Product Updates (November 2018)

  • Added Feed. spread
  • Added Queal READY 1.0
  • Added Huel Ready-to-drink
  • Updated Feed. prices
  • Updated Hol Food
  • Updated Ultim shipping
  • Updated KetoChow
  • Updated Satislent
  • Updated Smeal
  • Updated Plenny Shake Sport to Plenny Shake Active; updated all other Jimmy Joy products
  • Updated Keto Fuel carbs
  • Updated Soylent prices and flavours
  • Updated Satislent flavours
  • Updated Trinkkost products, added Trinkkost Slim Vegan
  • Updated Mana products
  • Updated Bivo
  • Delisted Your PopUp Meal (production suspended indefinitely)
  • Delisted BentoBlend (website unresponsive/redirecting)

Product Updates (October 2018)

  • Added COMP POWDER v4.0, DRINK v1.1 and GUMMY v1.3
  • Added Tudo
  • Added Happy Ratio
  • Added BASE PASTA
  • Added Labnosh Food Shake and Bar
  • Added SmartFood
  • Added Komplete by Kate Farms
  • Added Nanax and Nanax Munay
  • Added One Square Meal
  • Added MOJO Classic and Vegan
  • Added KetoLogic Meal Replacement
  • Added Raw Organic Meal by Garden of Life
  • Added Ultim
  • Added Liquid Hope and Nourish by Functional Formularies
  • Added Athlete Shake by VitalHouse
  • Added Purition Original, Dairy Free and Hemp
  • Added Benja (previously Vexx)
  • Added Nu Pods Meal Replacement
  • Updated Soylent, adding Soylent Power Cafe
  • Updated Plenny Shake flavours, delisted Plenny Shake Vegan ("regular" Plenny Shake is now vegan)
  • Updated Mana
  • Updated Saturo, added Saturo Bar and Powder
  • Updated Ambronite
  • Updated Keto Chow to version 2.1
  • Updated all Queal products to version 5.0
  • Updated KetoOne
  • Updated Aussielent products, added Aussielent Lite, Aussielent Vegan and Aussielent RTD Low Carb, delisted Aussielent Body
  • Updated Sated, merged Sucralose and Natural versions
  • Updated Futricio ONE
  • Updated Jake shipping, flavours, Vitaminbar
  • Updated Bertrand Classic, Vegan and Active
  • Updated Huel and Huel Bar, added Huel Granola and coffee versions
  • Updated Nano, added Nano Coffee Boost
  • Updated Hol Food
  • Updated Pulve to version 2.5
  • Updated Lently to version 2.0, added Lently Vegan 2.0 and Lently WakeUp 2.0
  • Updated Ruffood to v2.7, added Ruffood RTD v3.1
  • Updated OZ Soylent shipping
  • Updated Tsogo Classic, added Tsogo Complete and Tsogo Fit
  • Updated Nutberg
  • Updated Trinkkost Complete, Slim and Active
  • Updated PrimalKind for Him and Her
  • Updated Anapur
  • Updated Chia Shake (and renamed to Chia Shake Milk); added Chia Shake Vegan and Chia Shake Diet
  • Updated Ample, Ample V, Ample K
  • Updated Satislent, Satislent Sport, SatisUP and added Satislent Compact
  • Updated KetoGenesis products, added GlycoGenesis Standard, Premium and Vegan
  • Merged Vitaline Daily Pouch and Bottle to Vitaline Daily
  • Updated Smeal
  • Updated Feed. products
  • Updated Lembas
  • Updated Grubsub
  • Updated MyProtein WholeFuel and VLCD Meal Replacement and Meal Replacement Bars
  • Updated myDaily
  • Updated Bivo
  • Updated BentoBlend
  • Updated Next Level Meal
  • Updated Shake2Day Regular, Light, Sportshake and Break
  • Updated MEALS to v3.1, added MEALS DRINK
  • Updated Your PopUp Meal
  • Updated Actualize Keto Meal to v3
  • Updated YFood and YFood Coffee
  • Updated Vitaminfood
  • Updated VSanté
  • Updated Paca
  • Updated Powder Matter Meal Shake
  • Updated Solo
  • Renamed Mī Mix to Parachute
  • Delisted Kuasa products (website says "We're closed for the time being")
  • Delisted Cocolaid products (End of business? Webite unresponsive)
  • Delisted WundrBar (replaced by Queal GO)
  • Delisted Veetal (End of business? Website unresponsive)
  • Delisted Nutrilent (End of business? Website unresponsive)
  • Delisted Bloom (End of business? Website unresponsive)

Version 3 (October 2018)

  • Price per 100, 500 and 2000 kcal
  • Normalisation of macronutrients to 2000 kcal
  • Fibre is now always included in total carbs - for better comparison
  • Shipping - detailed information (replacing previous US/CAN/EU)
  • New field: sugar
  • New filter: country of origin
  • New field and filter: tags (Vegetarian, Vegan, Keto, Caffeinated, Sport, GMO-free, No artificial flavours, No artificial sweeteners, No artificial colours, Organic)
  • New field: nutrition URL
  • New field: last update - indicating the freshness of data
  • New field: note - more information on product
  • New field: packages - in what types of packages is the product available for ordering.
  • New field: serving extras - now indicating only ingredients which are not included in the packaging
  • New currencies: KRW, INR, RUB, PEN, NZD, JPY
  • Optimised code and images

Product Updates (August 2018)

  • Updated Feed. products, adding Feed. bottle BIO, Feed. bar BIO, Feed, powder SPORT, Feed. ready-to-drink
  • Updated Trinkkost Complete, added Trinkkost Active and Trinkkost Slim
  • Updated Plenny Shake products
  • Updated Satislent URLs
  • Removed Vexx (end of business)
  • Added Mī Mix
  • Updated Super Body Fuel products
  • Updated Sated to v1.1 (formerly Ketolent), added naturally sweetend Sated v1.0
  • Updated Ample, Ample V (formerly Ample X, vegan), added Ample K (keto)
  • Updated Soylent Powder to v1.9, removed Soylent Bar (not available)
  • Updated MealSquares URL and price
  • Removed ShakeFood (end of business?)

Product Updates (July 2018)

Product Updates (June 2018)

  • Added Powder Matter
  • Updated Soylent flavours and prices
  • Updated Mana powder to version Mark 5 and Mana drink to version Mark 4
  • Removed Purelent (end of business)
  • Updated Vitaline Daily
  • Updated Super Body Fuel product prices
  • Added VLCD Meal Replacement by Myprotein
  • Added Solo

Product Updates & Enhancements (May 2018)

  • Updates Paca
  • Updated KetoGenesis URLs
  • Updated Satislent, added SatisUP caffeine and Satislent Sport
  • Removed Minute Macros products (end of business)
  • Removed Mosaic Nutrition product (seems to be dead)
  • Updated Keto Fuel
  • Updated Plenny Shake servings
  • Enhancements:
    • Adjusted tooltips for rows

Product Updates (April 2018)

Product Updates (March 2018)

  • Added Queal Vegan
  • Updated Saturo flavours (Vanilla, Strawberry)
  • Updated Mana to version Mark 4
  • Updated Ruffood to version v2.5
  • Updated Bivo to version v2.0

Product Updates (February 2018)

  • Updated Huel to v2.3, Huel Gluten Free to v2.3, added Huel Bars v2.0
  • Updated Bloom (1.1)
  • Updated Queal products, removed Quel Plus (discontinued), added Quel GO
  • Updated Vitaline Pouch and added Vitaline Bottle
  • Updated Futricio ONE and added Futricion ONE Vegan
  • Added Meal Replacement Bars by Myprotein
  • Added Vitaminfood
  • Removed Fooch (Kickstarter cancelled)
  • Removed 100%FOOD products (end of business)

Product Updates (October 2017)

  • Updated Feed. flavours
  • Updated Nutberg shipping info
  • Added Actualize Keto Meal
  • Added YFood Original
  • Updated WundrBar price and shipping prices
  • Updated Super Body Fuel products' shipping prices
  • Zoylent rebranded to Lembas

Product Updates (September 2017)

  • Added MEALS
  • Added PopUp Meal
  • Updated Plenny Shake Vegan and Twennybar flavours
  • Updated Minute Macros products

Product Updates (August 2017)

  • Updated Super Body Fuel products' details (nutrition info, shipping prices...)
  • Fixed Shake2Day Sport's allergen info
  • Added Bloom
  • Added Minute Macros products - Nutritionally Complete (Skylent, Keto, Low Carb, Mass Gainer, Performance)
  • Removed Sani (closing down)

Product Updates & Enhancements (July 2017)

  • Updated Purelent
  • Added Jake Vitaminbar
  • Removed StonerShake
  • Added Lently
  • Updated Queal WundrBar
  • Added Runtime Next Level Meal
  • Changed Coffiest to Soylent Cafe
  • Removed Sipreme
  • Added Shake2Day products - Light, Regular and Sport
  • Updated JimmyJoy shipping costs
  • Enhancements:
    • Alphabetical sorting by producer name
    • Alphabetical sorting by country of origin
    • Possibility to move within the table with arrow keys (left & right)
    • Added country name to origin row
    • Note/Disclaimer about prices being converted from base currency with current exchange rate

Product Updates (June 2017)

  • Updated Saturo
  • Added BentoBlend
  • Updated Ruffood to v2.3
  • Disabled Body Fuel Low Carb
  • Updated Ambronite
  • Added KetoGenesis Hypoallergenic and updated KetoGenesis links
  • Updated Tsogo shipping
  • Updated Whole Fuel shipping
  • Updated Feed. products

Product Updates (May 2017)

  • Disabled United Shakes (closed down)
  • Disabled Potion (closed down)
  • Updated Ample and added Ample X
  • Added FOOCH

Product Updates (April 2017)

  • Added Saturo
  • Added Bivo
  • Updated Jimmy Joy links
  • Updated Biolent to version 1.4
  • Added Shakefood, version 1.1
  • Updated Aussielent links
  • Updated Soylent Powder to version 1.8

Product Updates (March 2017)

  • Re-added Ketolent
  • Added Whole Fuel by Myprotein
  • Added myDaily
  • Updated Joylent products to reflect the change of their name to Jimmy Joy and Plenny Shake
  • Updated Feed. flavours

Product Updates (February 2017)

  • Updated 100% Food products

Product Updates (January 2017)

  • Added Zoylent
  • Removed iLent (closing down?)
  • Fixed KetoGenesis Vegan URL
  • Added Biolent Keto
  • Updated Super Mana to Mana [Mark 3] (drink)
  • Updated Mana [Mark 3] (powder) product image
  • Updated WundrBar flavours
  • Added GrubSub
  • Updated Soylent 1.6 to Soylent Powder (1.7)
  • Renamed Soylent 2.0 to Soylent Drink (2.0)
  • Renamed Rosa Labs to Rosa Foods, Inc.
  • Update Feed pictures
  • Fixed Chia Shake picture
  • Updated Vitaline info

Product Updates (December 2016)

  • Fixed PrimalKind product URLs
  • Added Feed products (Ready-to-drink, Ready-to-use, Ready-to-eat, Powder)
  • Updated Pulve to 2.0
  • Fixed Futricio product URLs
  • Updated Super Body Fuel allergens
  • Updated Queal pictures and product URLs

Fixes & Enhancements (November 2016)

  • Added alphabetical sorting
  • Fixed sorting by price

Product Updates & Enhancements (October 2016)

  • Added filtering by state
  • Updated Vitaline
  • Updated Joylent US shipping
  • Updated KetoSoy name to KetoOne
  • Added Smeal

Product Updates (September 2016)

  • Updated Tsogo price
  • Updated Twennybar shipping
  • Added Satislent
  • Updated 100%FOOD shipping
  • Updated PrimalKind international shipping
  • Added Sipreme
  • Added KetoGenesis Standard, Premium and Vegan
  • Added Vitaline
  • Added Soylent Bar and Coffiest

Bugfixes & Product Updates (August 2016)

  • Fixed switched Proteins and Fats in mobile view
  • Updated 100%FOOD prices and shipping
  • Added Ample Meal
  • Added Potion
  • Updated prices for Joylent Sport and Joylent Vegan

Product Updates (July 2016)

  • Updated Jake products
  • Disabled Compleat (closing down)
  • Added Cocolaid products and Chia Shake
  • Updated Soylent to version 1.6
  • Updated PrimalKind to version 1.2
  • Updated Aussielent, added Aussielent Body and Aussielent Ready to Drink
  • Added Feed.
  • Added WundrBar

Product Updates (June 2016)

  • Updated Mana to version Mark 3
  • Updated iLent allergen list
  • Updated Kuasa shipping
  • Added PrimalKind products
  • Added Huel Gluten Free
  • Disabled HungerHack (closing down)
  • Updated StonerShake to version 1.1
  • Added Anapur

Product Updates (May 2016)

  • Updated Nutberg
  • Added Bertrand Active
  • Added Ka'Chava and removed it as per their wish
  • Added Trinkkost
  • Updated Veetal allergen list
  • Added Joylent Twennybar

Product Updates (April 2016)

  • Added Vex
  • Added iLent
  • Updated MealSquares
  • Updated Super Body Fuel products
  • Added Kuasa
  • Updated Queal
  • Updated Biolent

Product Updates (March 2016)

  • Updated Sani
  • Updated Super Body Fuel products
  • Added Nutberg
  • Updated SoylentLife to Futricio

Product Updates (February 2016)

  • Updated StonerShake
  • Added Tsogo

Product Updates (January 2016)

  • Updated Bertrand Vegan
  • Disabled Powder Chow (closing down)
  • Updated Super Body Fuel products
  • Added Oz Soylent

Product Updates (December 2015)

  • Added United Shakes products
  • Updated Bertrand, added Bertrand Vegan
  • Updated Joylent products, added Joylent Wake Up
  • Updated Nano, adding Nano Veggie hot meal
  • Updated Huel
  • Updated Super Body Fuel products
  • Updated MealSquares

Product Updates (November 2015)

  • Updated Sani
  • Updated SoylentLife
  • Disabled Jackalent (temporarily out of business)
  • Updated Huel
  • Updated PowderChow, adding PowderChow Keto
  • Added Mosaic Nutrition products (Body Fuel Original, Body Fuel Low Carb)
  • Disabled 1food (closing down)
  • Added Ruffood

Product Updates (October 2015)

  • Added Pulve
  • Added Compleat
  • Added StonerShake
  • Updated Super Body Fuel products
  • Added Joylent Vegan

Product Updates (September 2015)

  • Updated Soylent 1.5
  • Updated Bertrand
  • Added Hunger Hack

Product Updates (August 2015)

  • Updated Soylent
  • Updated Bertrand
  • Updated PeopleChow
  • Added SuperMana, updated Mana
  • Updated Queal
  • Updated KetoChow
  • Moved liquid products up front
  • Updated Hol Food
  • Updated Aussie Soylent -> Aussielent
  • Updated Super Body Fuel products
  • Disabling Solvio
  • Added Biolent Flex and Biolent Green
  • Added Sani
  • Added Nano

Version 2 (August 2015)

  • Filters
    • Macros - carbs, protein, fats
    • Energy
    • Shipping
    • Fibre
    • Flavours
    • Allergens
  • Responsive CSS for mobile and tablet screens
  • "State" row - physical form of product - powder, solid, liquid
  • Changelog and Roadmap pages
  • Version 1 (February 2015)

    • Everything